10Rajeb cuts production cycle in half
with Sage X3




Ražošana - Wooden Doors


Ziemeļamerika - Morocco

10Rajeb is the leading manufacturer of doors and cabinetry in Morocco. The family business has a staff of 360 and generates more than $10 million euros in annual revenue. With a strong commitment to delivering quality products backed by exceptional service, 10Rajeb continues to grow and expand its marketplace.

“We needed to reduce our production cycles which sometimes could take as long as 6 weeks. With Sage X3, we have now got them down to under three weeks through the introduction of an efficient stock planning program.”

Amine Belouali
Information systems manager


To support its growth and expansion plans, 10Rajeb embarked on a number of initiatives to modernize and streamline its operations, including the implementation of a new business management software solution. The new solution would need to support its manufacturing operations, help it better manage its inventory assets, and scale to meet expected growth.


Sage X3 was selected for its broad functional scope, its integration of all vital business functions, and its user-friendly interface.


Annual revenue has increased by 108% and continues to grow. The production cycle was cut from an average of six weeks to less than three weeks, greatly increasing profitability. The manufacturing functionality in Sage X3 has enabled 10Rajeb to improve its workflows and production planning and deliver real-time production data to staff. Access to key performance indicators helps management improve processes and workflows, and take proactive action when needed.