Alloy Polymers finds formula for success in Sage X3


Alloy Polymers


Ražošana - Thermoplastics


Ziemeļamerika - United States

Founded in 1982, Alloy Polymers, Inc. is a market leader in the thermoplastics industry, specializing in value-added compounding services and solutions. Chemical and plastics processing companies across a broad range of industries trust Alloy Polymers to produce products that meet their unique specifications. The company has four American plants and one in India generating a compounding capacity in excess of half-a-billion pounds annually.

“We have come to depend on Sage X3. It is a driving force in our operation.”

Anne Robinson
IT director
Alloy Polymers


Alloy Polymers requires a process manufacturing solution that fits its unique compounding operation. It sought an integrated manufacturing and financial application that was configurable and customizable, quick to implement, and that was both scalable for the future yet the right size for its current operations. The new solution also needed to be cost effective to implement and to maintain.


Alloy Polymers chose Sage X3 as its flexible, customizable, and scalable process manufacturing and accounting solution.


Automated data collection delivers better control over materials and real-time information, as well as speeding the movement of materials. A powerful set of reporting tools enables Alloy Polymers to provide employees with precisely the data each needs to perform their role. Sage X3 was easily customized to meet the company’s unique form of manufacturing. Even with customizations, Sage X3 remains straightforward to update and maintain.